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New FULL Colour Cricket Balls


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Vintage Cricket

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Featured Picture Featured picture. Nathan Searle our cricket man in action. Call him on +44(0)1579 320808. Featured Picture

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Customer feedback and image gallery

Your views are important to us. Help us improve our products and services by participating in our customer satisfaction survey.

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A little about you and your cricket
Which age group are you in Under 12 12-16 17-25 26-35 36-50 Over 50
Are you Male Female
Do you use Oxbridge Balls in your league Yes No
Your League:
Your Club:
Do you/your club have a say in which ball you use or is it a league decision: League Club
If you do not use Oxbridge in your League have you used Oxbridge Balls before Yes No
If yes how long ago and for what type of cricket:


In the Press
Do you think you are influenced by what you read in the press A lot A Little None don't read it
Which cricket publications do you read:


Recent Game(s)
If you have feedback relating to use in a recent game please fill in the following information.
Ball used:
Date Played:
Over's Played:
Weather Conditions:
The wicket was Wet Damp Soft Dry Hard V.Hard
The outfield was Wet Damp Dry Hard V.Hard


About the Ball(s)

My ratings are based on Actual use What i've heard

Both actual and perceived impressions are important to us so please be as honest as possible.

What is your role in your team? I am a: Batsman Bowler Fielder All-rounder I Don't play anymore

How well do the balls swing: They don't A little A bit Quite well Very well Too much

How well do the balls keep there shape: Bad Poor Ok Good Excellent

How well do the balls keep there shine: Bad Poor Ok Good Excellent

How well do the ball seams hold up: Bad Poor Ok Good Excellent

How well do the balls resist water: Bad Poor Ok Good Excellent


How did it compare to other ball you have used: Worse Similar A bit better Better Much Better

Previous Ball used:


You may use my comments as a quote on your website. Yes No

I wish my name to anonymous on my quote. Yes No

Overall how do you rate the ball: Bad Poor Ok Good Excellent

Would you recommend Oxbridge Balls. Yes No

If no, what would rather use and why:


Our Customer Service and Price

Have you contacted Oxbridge regarding cricket balls in the past: Yes No

If yes how helpful did you find our staff: Bad Poor Ok Good Excellent

How do you rate our ball prices compared to our competitors:

Expensive A bit pricey Average Reasonable Cheap



Future Development

What would you like to see in future Oxbridge balls and how do you think we can improve as a company:





The data from this survey is confidential and will only be used by Oxbridge (TIFLEX LIMITED). Your information will NOT be given to anyone else.






For further advice on which ball in the range would suit you best or for bulk purchases contact Nathan Searle on 01579 320808.