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TICO Product Overview

TICO Product Family Overview

Many years of involvement with the construction industry, onshore/offshore, engineering and production industries have led to the development of a large range of elastomer based components that provide unique solutions for machinery mounting, building support, vibration reduction, pipe management and noise reduction.

In these demanding environments, Tiflex has provided and continues to provide an extensive design and problem solving service.


The TICO solutions developed include;

  1. TICO S machinery mounting material,
  2. A range of TICO structural bearings to cater for both HIGH and LOW frequency vibrations,
  3. TICO Bond Slip Units (providing a resilient, low friction sliding bearing unit),
  4. TICO Adjustamounts (adjustable feet to assist machinery leveling),.
  5. TICO Pipe Grips (rubber covered U-bolts),
  6. TICO Clip Strips (strap clamp lining),
  7. TICO Clamp Blocks (pipe management solution)
  8. TICO High Duty Mountings
  9. and a range of Hi Performance Specialised Adhesives to complement our systems.


  1. If you are unsure of which TICO product will meet your needs the in house design team are able to specify the required TICO product to meet your requirements, from a simple vibration reduction requirement to a major construction project TIFLEX are able to assist and help you meet your objective.


If you know your part number or have a drawing reference then try our new part finder. We have upload over 9000 of our standard products to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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