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Your partner in research, development and production of rail pads, baseplate pads, undersleeper pads and ballast mats for the reduction of vibration in rail track. Tiflex Limited has specialised since 1946 in the manufacture of resilient track support materials and other components which are designed to reduce ground borne vibration from rail track.

We have test apparatus specially designed and dedicated to determine the best materials and configurations for use in the rail track.

We are able to examine in detail the response to a variety of solutions to wheel flat impacts. Baseplate pads and Undersleeper pads are tested at large amplitude and high frequencies (typical of the track situation) so the vibration insertion loss can be determined accurately.

Tiflex Limited have some of the most advanced testing equipment available anywhere in the world, and our research is dedicated to finding the most cost-effective solutions for our railway partners and providing them with the best possible advice, designs and materials.

The quality of our products and dedication to customer service are fundamental requirements throughout the Tiflex organisation. Tiflex anti-vibration products are manufactured from a variety of the highest quality raw materials with strict quality control at every stage.

The Tiflex quality management system is assessed regularly and is approved to BS EN ISO 9001. Tiflex is also an authorised and approved supplier to many key railway organisations both in the U.K. and overseas.

Selecting the most appropriate solution is very important. Tiflex materials have been continually developed to produce products which are capable of providing solutions to a range of different problems encountered when designing permanent way systems.

Tiflex products can assist areas including:

Insulation Resistance
Impact Reduction
Noise & Vibration Attenuation
Attrition Resistance


Tiflex offer a full technical service to provide you with assistance in specifying and selecting the correct materials to provide you with the outcome which you require. As a company, Tiflex are committed to working with our customers to develop new materials, systems and solutions. Tiflex Specialist Rail Solutions have been supplied to the industry under the brand name TRACKELAST for over 50 years.

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